Car hire process

When you have contacted us about the car you wish to hire (rent). The car can be collected in  Budapest or it can be delivered to another site for a small fee.


Each rental car is equipped with immobilizer and GPS tracking device.


The cars are cleaned, given a clean state, so please be tidy. Otherwise +2500 HUF cleaning fee will be charged.


The rental cars have a valid motor vehicle liability insurance , and 20% of 200 000 HUF Casco insurance deductibles , which covers everything (theft, breakage, natural damage, total loss). However, if some parts of the car are damaged this will not be covered under the Casco insurance.


For example, the chassis sustains damage, damage to the interior , alloy wheels or tire damage.


The customer will be fully responsible for the car and the minimum amount of damage if the damage with 20% or 200 000 HUF deductibles responsible for any damages caused to the rental car.

Documents for the rental


  • a valid identity card or passport,
  • a valid residence card
  • a valid driving license.


Customer(s) must have at least one year "B" driving license and must have at least same amount of driving experience. There is no minimum age limit for the rent.


Company: (Renting for your work) 

  • fresh extract from trade register,
  • specimen signature,
  • company stamp
  • the person who will sign it, who can prove his identity with the documents.

It can be done by original company authorization.

The car rental fee / payment / deposit:

The rental fee is payable in cash at the start of the hire or transfer. Having settled the rent the only thing you have to do to is catch the key and take the chosen car. There are no hidden costs in the rental fees. We dont ask for any deposit, however we do ask for you to pay for the time you wish to rent in advance.

Rates include the following items:

  • compulsory insurance
  • CASCO insurance (fully 20% 200 000 HUF contribution)
  • auto repair costs
  • power tax
  • company car tax
  • summer and winter tires and the replacing of tires
  • non-stop coverage: from 00:00 to 24:00 at +36 30 426 83 40
  • assistance service

The cars will be delivered in the following condition

  • technically reliable roadworthy condition
  • 1 factory unlocked and valid registration certificate
  • Road Traffic Regulation accessories
  • proper season tires
  • clean, cleansed state
  • highway user fees have to be payed by the tenant!

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